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An Excerpt from an Upcoming Project

The following is an excerpt from a new project I'm working on, The Word of the Lord . A sci-fi novel set in roughly the same world as Temples to Alien Gods but featuring a new cast of characters. The plot (in the very loosest sense) will feature a group of intergalactic fugitives who strikes an uneasy alliance with a gang of intergalactic mercenaries in their search for a new home.   This excerpt features Jennifer 'Jenny' Champions. The leader of the mercenaries, at this point in the novel (from what I've written so far) the mercenaries have finished laying siege to a small town and this is the first moment Jennifer gets to herself all day. From her tent Jenny could hear whatever Alice Cooper song the mercenaries were playing as they celebrated a day’s hard work. Someone had found a grill in the rubble of one of the buildings and it had snowballed into a barbeque. Despite how much she appreciated Alice Cooper, objectively speaking, Jenny didn’t feel like par

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